Wednesday, June 10, 2009

but wait - still more Kunst-Stoff pix!

Today was our last rehearsal at the Dance Center - after this operations shift to Yerba Buena. Very excited! Tonight I finally got around to listening to the original Schnittke choir concerto movement whose solo violin transcription by Nat Stookey I'm playing the world premiere of Friday, and I dissolved. Poof! No more violinist, just a puddle surrounded by a ring of soggy Kleenex. That Germano-Soviet crank really knew what he was doing, and he knew that he knew what he was doing. Title of the movement: "I, an Expert in Human Passions."

I took these pictures at rehearsal a couple of weeks ago and was so bummed out by how grainy and rotten they looked on the camera LCD that I didn't bother looking at them on the computer until now. They still look lousy, but they're kind of cool.

See information about this weekend's shows in the preceding post, below.



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